24 Sep

As my first novel, Just Say It will always will always stay close to my heart, but I've moved on and am hoping to finish my next book, a murder-mystery spoof, very soon.

It will be exclusively set in the fictitious village of Didsbrook, somewhere in the Home Counties. 

The Mayoress of Didsbrook has described it thus:

'Didsbrook is a civil parish in an area of exquisite natural beauty. A sleepy market town nestling in the bosom of a conservation area. An idyllic haven, surrounded by rolling hills and lush, green countryside - one of the last remaining bastions of serenity in England's green, and pleasant, land.

The tranquillity of our lives here is rarely disturbed, other than by the shrill songs of the Yellow Hammer and Corn Bunting floating on the breeze. Or the constant, gentle rushing sound of the Didsbrook Rise, a shallow, stony brook, that meanders its way through the heart of town, on its way to feed the trout lake at Didsbrook Manor before joining the River Stoner.'  

 Pastoral tranquility, what could possibly go wrong?         

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