Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 April 2022 YOU'LL LOVE THIS BOOK! Looking at the cover I thought this would be a light hearted chick flick I was wrong it is an emotional rollercoaster of a read it keeps you captivated you want to keep reading and is thoughtful insightful I loved this book"


 'So much that was good in this book. The reader goes with the speaker in this first-person biographical trip, and what a wonderful trip it is. Moments of concern and anticipation, enhanced by flashbacks, sometimes a change in narrator, back to the problem, then, finally, a very non-traditional HEA. I thoroughly enjoyed taking the ride along with all of them, and am happy with the ending. The characters are believable, the situations are modern and realistic, the plot has heartbreaking and moving twists. The writing is clear and excellent, descriptive and evocative, and overall enjoyable.'"

Amazon Reviewer USReview for Just Say It by Tessa Barrie

 'The absorbing story of a young woman's struggle to make peace with her mother. I liked the vivid descriptions of the self-absorbed and narcissistic mother, the effect her callous behaviour had on her daughter and how the young woman eventually came to terms with it.'"

Donald BrownAmazon Reviewer UKLink to Reviews for Just Say It by Tessa Barrie

 'Enjoyable read. If you like witty, complicated family interactions and a journey of self discovery, then this is the book for you.'"

Amazon Reviewer UKJust Say It by Tessa Barrie Review

 'Excellence! Excellent reading, exciting from beginning to end with unexpected pleasant twists."

Amazon Reviewer UKJust Say It by Tessa Barrie review

 A great story about self-discovery, family secrets and everything in-between. Written in a flawless style, it draws the reader in from the first page, building up one layer after the other. From the main character, who is honest and unapologetic, to the way the past is revealed, I would say that this is one of the best books I have ever read. My thoughts: Meet Lisa, a woman who used to work as a columnist for a leading magazine in the United Kingdom. She has just turned forty and it seems that a midlife crisis is just about the knock on her door. Fearful of what this new age milestone might bring, she makes an important decision – it’s time to discover why she suffers from “emotional impotence” and what happened with her father. In her journey, however, she will end up discovering more about her mother, who is equally narcissistic and controlling. I absolutely loved this book! The author did a brilliant job in crafting a story around topics that will be forever relevant, such as getting old, narcissism, and rocky family relationships. I followed Lisa’s journey of self-discovery with interest, but I also liked the whole dynamic of the story. I am sure many people can relate to how the narcissistic mother behaves, especially upon seeing how involved she is in her own journey. Lisa is a wonderful character, and you will definitely want to follow her quest until the end. This was an enjoyable book, far from predictable. I kept turning one page after the other, wondering what would happen next. From a different perspective, it was lovely to read the descriptions accompanying the story. Not only does the author takes the reader to various locations, such as Gloucestershire, London, and Portugal, but one will also travel to different time periods. Verdict: If you are looking for a new read, you’ve found it! I highly recommend this book, as it has a little of everything. Readers will fall in love with Lisa and her journey, being drawn to the clever combination of family secrets, narcissism and emotional upturns. The book has enough funny bits to balance the rest of the story, and the storyline flows seamlessly. A perfect escape!"

Alexandra AntipaAuthor, freelance writer, and translator.

 'Just Say It by Tessa Barrie cuts deep. It is the story of a woman who is trying to find out more about her mother to understand her own self. We can choose our friends, but we cannot choose our family. Carrying forty years of pent-up emotions against her mother, Elizabeth, has given Lisa Grant the drive to use her journalistic skills and find out more about her secretive and overbearing mother. As a child, she found comfort in the love of her father, until he mysteriously disappeared to Portugal when she was seven. Her mother had concocted convincing lies to break Lisa’s ties to her father. Elizabeth remarries, and Lisa is fortunate to have a wonderful stepfather. But there is no holding back when she discovers her mother’s big lie about her father not ever trying to contact her. As she sets out to investigate her mother’s life, she will confront Elizabeth about what she has uncovered. Elizabeth will be shocked, but she will give her daughter something valuable in time. The amount of psychological and emotional harm that Elizabeth has inflicted on Lisa over the span of forty years may fill up a miniseries. Just Say It has that sort of storyline that recurs in books and films about an unstable relationship between a mother and her daughter. Tessa Barrie offers an intriguing twist to an old trope by bringing an attitude that transcends maternal melodrama. Barrie lets you dig deep into Lisa’s psyche, and what you discover is the feeling that we all cultivate: the need to know the truth. The emotional gap between mother and daughter becomes a chasm as Lisa feels her life turning into a pile of riddles that she must answer for herself. Just Say It is a beautifully written drama filled with emotion, both tearful and humorous, and you should grab a copy if you are into intelligent books.'"

Vincent DubladoBook Reviewer - Readers' FavoriteJust Say it by Tessa Barrie review

 Just Say It is a beautiful, poignant, and sensationally apt rendition of what it means to love unconditionally and grow from the past."

Lauren Jones of Turning Another PageReview for Reedsy Discovery

 'Modern, relatable, yet timeless. Just Say It manages to interweave a modern and relatable tale with episodes of upper-class family secrets that feel like a classic novel. This is a character-based story spanning decades, exploring traditional - and non-traditional - family set ups and challenges. In the beginning we meet Lisa, 40 years old and questioning her life choices, and this rollicking story takes us through the seventies, eighties, and even back to the forties, with realistic dialogue but a sprinkle of diversity and grit. A great debut from Tessa Barrie.'"

Amazon Reviewer UKJust Say It by Tessa Barrie Review

 'Wonderfully enjoyable book! If I could have managed to read the whole book in one sitting I would have. It is an enjoyable book that keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. I really did not want to put it down. I highly recommend this book and can not wait to read the author's next book. Thank you so much for a wonderful read.'"

Pamela ButlerAmazon US ReviewerJUST SAY IT BY Tessa Barrie REVIEW

 'A family where entwined secrets unravel. I was drawn into the story from the onset by the descriptive narrative of each character in this beautifully written story of a multi-generational family whose lives had been torn apart in so many ways. The author teases out the story in snippets, making the reader hungry to know more, and wanting to read on to find out what happens. I immersed myself in all the characters, feeling mostly for Lisa, who for me, became someone I could relate to and understand the why, how, where, and when! There are secrets in every family, skeletons in the closet that rattle away until they are heard and brought to life. Well done for making this brilliant story come alive so we can all enjoy it. What a fabulous first book for this author.'"

Gina SAmazon Reviewer Australia