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02 Sep

While living in Tunbridge Wells I attended Linda M James's writers group which I found to be very useful in helping to improve my writing. On returning to Jersey, I discovered there was no such group here and so I set up the Jersey Writers Social Group in 2017.

We started with about half a dozen members attending weekly meetings at the library and now have over 130 members who follow our Facebook page.

Not everyone is able to attend our midweek daytime meetings and so an evening session was started in which is hosted by Chris Rive. Both the daytime and evening sessions are well attended and provide encouragement and a lively exchange of advice. Members range from those who enjoy writing short stories to those who have published a series of books. A wide range of genres is represented including non-fiction, historical fiction, romance, fantasy, and thrillers.

Anyone who has an interest in writing is welcome to come along to meetings whether an established author or someone who has a piece in mind and has not yet started to write. Please contact me @ jerseywritersgroup@gmail.com

All the books listed below have been written and published by members of the group. It would be really encouraging to our authors if anyone would like to read and write a review of any of these books listed and submit this to amazon.


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