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08 Jun

Born in Yorkshire, but based on the island of Jersey for donkey's years, Jack Hall specialises in naturalistic short stories and has recently seen a selection of his observational tales adapted for BBC Radio, both in the UK and in Jersey.

“I allow my characters to speak as they deem fit because, well, I reason that real people in normal conversations veer from the straight and narrow. In fact, my characters have complete artistic licence. I mean they can’t help the way they been brought up to talk, can they?”

“Mind you, I do like the way some posh folk talk too, and I make the odd allowance when one of them creeps into one of my storylines. Actually, some of my best friends are posh and I’ve never held that against them. Live and let live I say, which I hope is reflected in my way of writing.”

Jack's first book, Anyroad, was published in June 2022 and is available on Amazon.

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