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15 Jun

Melvyn Lumb was born in Dumfries, Scotland, but has lived in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK, for many years. He writes Historical fiction, Sci-fi, Dark fiction/Horror, Romance and Memoirs.

By his own admission, Melvyn realised later in life that he loved writing and only recently published his first novel, Betty May, ‘My First Life.‘

'Betty May,’ evolved from a short story about a young girl born to a single mother in 1721 Yorkshire. Life for her is hard in the society of the time. However, her poor start does nothing to compromise her honesty and willingness to work.

Betty May loses her mother when she is very young, and at nine years old, she is taken in by the good sisters of Worsthorne Abbey. During the next four years, the nuns teach Betty May to read and write. Realising that life as a nun is not for her, Betty May enters service at Colesdale Hall in Yorkshire as a lowly pantry maid. Through sheer hard work and ability, she survives the harsh treatment she receives at the hall, but how high did she rise, and what happened to her on the way

Betty May, ‘My First Life’ is now available on Amazon, and Melvyn is working on the sequel - A Dogs Dinner.

Melvyn also writes short stories in most genres, and, occasionally, he likes to confound his readers by blurring the boundaries between genres. Sometimes he includes humour in his writing, which often introduces his alter-ego, Henry Small-Drinkwater.

Melvyn has won several competitions on www.fanstory.com, a platform dedicated to helping writers of all skill levels. Recently, Melvyn’s ‘A Nagasaki Boy,’ won their Flash Fiction Story of the Month Award.

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