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28 Jun

Day Five After Testing Positive for COVID-19 

Second night without rigours! Best night by far - 5 hours solid. Sleep is always good for combating infection. I always dream, but since I had COVID-19, I have dreamt on an epic scale. I run, hide, and chase as my subconscious mind battles the unseen enemy within. COVID-19's latest mutants, BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron. I am guessing that mine is Bloody Awful 5! Experts say these subvariants are more contagious and 'can bypass immunity.' As a triple vaxxer, I can vouch for that. 

Yesterday, someone who knew I'd had three vaccination asked, 'are you feeling duped yet?' My answer is that I feel incredibly fortunate to have at least some protection against a constantly mutating virus. I am not out of the woods yet, but if I hadn't been triple vaxxed, the outcome could have been very different. Since COVID-19 manifested itself, I have always been careful and was probably, one of the last people to ditch their masks in public places even after it was no longer a legal requirement. Last week, I was on top of my game, in Portugal for an extended holiday, and feeling as well as I have for quite some time. Then bam! DAY ONE - FRIDAY I woke up on Friday morning with what felt like shattered glass lodged at the back of my throat. Swallowing, even water, was a challenge. I felt achy, heady, and a little nauseous. And the cough. Tight and painful as it rattled 'the glass' stuck in the back of my throat. In denial, hoping it might 'just be a throat infection', I got up around lunchtime with no appetite, and by early afternoon I was back in bed with my first attack of rigours, followed by constant nausea, which kicked in big time. That night, my sleep was interrupted by intermittent shivering, trembling and shaking. DAY TWO - SATURDAY More of the same. I only got up to hydrate myself as most COVID-19 symptoms started battering my body. DAY THREE - SUNDAY I'm home alone, as the family left last week. I had decided to spend an extra and indulgent ten days here, sinking my teeth into novel number three. I'd run out of supplies, including essential paracetamol - I hadn't planned to be hijacked by COVID-19 and had no idea if I was feeling any better, but I feel proud that I can still taste and smell, even if I have the attention span of a gnat. I read that it helps to get up. It is better to sit up than to lie down. So, make it as far as the sofa where I fight the urge to lie down and sleep. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, my concerned family in Jersey arranged for essential groceries - importantly, litres of juices - which arrived on my doorstep and a supply of lateral flow testing kits. They also asked our apartment manager to deliver a pharmacy parcel. It's a Sunday, and she did it. Paracetamol, throat lozenges, cough medicine - manner of heaven and the cough medicine tasted so sweet. Sweet relief. DAY FOUR - MONDAY The first night without rigours! I woke up hacking and reached for my sweet-tasting cough medicine. Strange, I thought. It doesn't taste the same as it did yesterday. But, hang on, it doesn't taste of anything! So I go downstairs, as nimbly, like a sloth, to get breakfast, 1ltr of orange juice and sniff everything I can think of that yesterday gave off a powerful aroma. But, alas, the last of my COVID-19 pride was taken during the night, my taste and smell. I jest to get through another day living in COVID-19 hell, but this virus is no joke. I can vouch for that. Those who are asymptomatic are lucky. It's a beautiful morning here, and the plan should have been to walk on the beach at dawn, then write on the downstairs balcony until the sun came round in the early afternoon. But instead, I have seven days left before I am due to fly home. So I need to kick this and get well enough to travel home during that time. Even if your vaccinations are up to date, please don't let your guard down; beware BA.4 and BA.5.

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