01 Oct

Yesterday, I was thrilled to open my emails to find that the opening chapter of my soon-to-be-finished WIP made the long list of First Chapter of a Novel competition, which I entered under the name of my alter ego. 

Huge congratulations to the winner, Tracy Maylath, who also had another first chapter short listed.

The Secret Lives of The Doyenne of Didsbrook is my current novel-in-progress and it is a murder mystery spoof.  

The idea for ‘The Doyenne’ came from a short story called An Honest Review, which made the longlist in the Fiction Factory Short Story competition at the beginning of 2019. The short story revolved around the members of the Didsbrook Authors and Writers Group, better known as DAWG.  

I had so much fun writing it, I decided to keep going and turn it into a novel. By the end of 2019, and still called An Honest Review, the opening sequence made the long list  of the Flash500 Novel competition.  Somewhere around the start of 2020,  I gave it a new title, the Secret Lives of the Doyenne of Didsbrook. and made the long list of the Retreat West Best Opening Page of a Novel competition in 2020, and now the Fiction Factory's Opening Chapter of a Novel in 2021.

Am hoping to finish it very soon… in the meantime… I'll leave you with a flavour.

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