25 Oct

I am so, so happy with this... thank you so much Vincent Dublado for giving Just Say It a five star review on  Readers Favourite!  

I've said this before, but I am going to say it again, Deb Sutton, not only designed the cover for Just Say It, as well as helping me with many aspects of this book to get it to self-publishing standard, she also got to grips with my sloppy manuscript and formatted it into a thing of beauty! Hence the top score Vincent gave us on formatting.  You nailed it, Deb! And thank  you again for everything.

I am still reeling from Vincent Dublado’s fantastic review! He has encapsulated the storyline extraordinarily well, and he must have read it in super-quick time. 

As my first novel, it means so much to receive a review like this. I have nearly completed novel number two, which I will now finish with a degree more confidence than I had before I read Vincent’s uplifting review. Thank you so much.

Click here to read Vincent Dublado's review.

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