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28 Jan

Just Say It was published in June 2021 and to celebrate its first six months of being in the scary world of 48.5 million other books on Amazon (as of 1st January 2022), I have decided to publish some of the outtakes.  The random cuts that didn't make it to publication, starting with a short chapter, called The Basque Country.  

After turning forty, Lisa Grant, who has been down on her luck recently, decides to leave the UK to live in Portugal. But, after her fully-laden car gasps and dies at the ferry terminal at Portsmouth, she has a Take My Breath Away moment, as well as a bit of luck, when an unreliable old flame, Rory, pulls up alongside in a sleek campervan. 

Fortuitously they are heading in the same direction! Rory nobly offers to take the damsel in distress, Lisa, and her goods and chattels to her father's vineyard in the Algarve.

Paparazzi photographer, Rory, is as irresistible as ever. He still oozes charisma and charm, but Lisa needs to be wary, as he dumped her several years previously. He went to work one morning and never came back. 

While they catch up over a few glasses of wine during the crossing, the weather blows up a hoolie while crossing the Bay of Biscay and Lisa spends most of the night throwing up. Twenty-four hours later, just as the sun begins to fade, they reach Santander to drive to a B and B in the Basque Country.

You can download it here. It is a four minute read.  Enjoy!

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