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23 Jan

Sadly, I don't have as much time to write short stories these days, but I have a particularly soft spot for An Honest Review, which I wrote in 2018.

An Honest Review made the longlist in the 2018/2019 Fiction Factory short story competition. By that time, I had fallen in love with the characters so much, I just kept going!  It has now evolved into my second novel, The Secret Lives of the Doyenne of Didsbrook.

An Honest Review focuses on a weekly meeting of the Didsbrook Authors and Writers Group. Three years on, characters have blossomed in The Secret Lives of the Doyenne of Didsbrook. Some names have been changed, but, most importantly, I believe my writing has matured.

Attached is a .pdf version my original longlisted short story entry for An Honest Review.  Please feel free to download it. It is an eleven-and-a-half-minute read and I very much hope you enjoy it.

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