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26 Mar

I am very fortunate to have met some wonderful people through online writers' groups and chats.  Other writers know the struggles are real and are always happy to offer help and advice to those struggling to find their way through the pre and post-publication jungle, and other confusing issues. 

I virtually met poet and fiction Lily Lawson (pictured below) through a Twitter group. You can find out more about Lily, who lives in the UK, on her very interesting website, Lily's Writing Life, which gives you an insight into not only her own writing, but she writes a great blog as well.

Out of the blue, Lily asked if she could do an interview with me. Well, it was a no-brainer! And, can you imagine my delight when she published it yesterday, and I found out my interview pops up next to K. M. Allan whose writing advice I have been following for some time.

Here is a link to Lily's interview with me.

Thank you, Lily, for taking the time and trouble to interview my alter ego and me.  It means a great deal.

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